Microsoft Education Select Agreement Summary

Under the Microsoft Education Select Agreement, IT Services can sell permanent individual (single-machine) licenses for most Microsoft (MS) software not covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Microsoft Software included

  • Visio
  • All server products (e.g. SQL, Windows & Terminal servers)
  • Any other PC & Mac software excluded from the MS Campus Agreement

Information CDs and all game titles are only available commercially and not under any University deal.


  • We are licensed to sell Microsoft Select Agreement software to departments only (at preferential prices)
  • Staff may buy Microsoft software via OnTheHub (Staff tab)
  • Students may buy Microsoft software via Software4Students

Licensing conditions

  • Staff & Students may only use MS Select Agreement software on specifically-licensed on-campus PCs or Macs
  • Loan, lease, sale, gift or other transfer of software to non-eligible people or organisations is prohibited

Server Client Access Licenses (CALs)

All servers and most Client Access Licenses are licensed under the Microsoft Education Select Agreement. (However CALs for all Windows servers are free under the Campus Agreement.) You will need one CAL per user, unless buying a per-core product. As the licensing situation is complex, please discuss your intended use of server products with the IT Services Software Manager.

Purchasing details

Follow the links below:

Visio & other products

MS servers & other products