Microsoft Visio


Microsoft's software for drawing all types of diagram (e.g. flowcharts, schedules, maps etc)



Edition License Price
Visio Professional £71
Visio Standard £38
  • 2019 versions of Visio will only work on computers running MS Office 2019
  • Those using an earlier version of Office must request a 2016 version of Visio

Getting the Software

Please raise an Internal Trade Order to IT Services (Vendor 9022), and state whether you need: a) Visio 2016 or 2019 and b) the Standard or the Professional edition.

In the Vendor text, please make it clear whether the end-user's computer is a University Managed/Yoyo one, or Unmanaged, and supply the appropriate information as shown below.

Computer Yoyo/University Managed Unmanaged

Information needed in the Vendor text:

  1. the user's name
  2. the user's email address
  3. the location of the user's PC (room no.)
  4. the MAC address of the user's PC
  1. the user's name
  2. the user's email address

IT Services will:

IT Services will install the software remotely and provide the user with a license.

IT Services will send the software to the user electronically as a download link, followed by the MAK Activation key and the license.

Visio requires ONE LICENSE PER INSTALLATION (under the Microsoft Select Agreement).