Getting connected

WiFi (eduroam)

WiFi is just about everywhere around campus with a commitment to achieve full coverage, and it's really easy to connect.

Plus because we use the eduroam WiFi network, when you visit colleagues at other Universities you will automatically connect to WiFi there too.

Connecting to eduroam

Wired internet

For faster internet and for office-based computers it's quick and easy to connect to the wired network too.

Registering your computer on the wired network

Working remotely (off campus)

The majority of University online services are accessible from home and off campus. There are a small number of university-restricted services that require a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection for remote access.

Do I need to use VPN?

Setting up and connecting to VPN

Connecting your guests

If you have visitors, you can give them access to a secondary guest wireless network. For security reasons the passkey changes frequently but you can always get the current key using the link below.

Connecting your guest