Online services


MUSE is My University of Sheffield Environment and is your single sign-in gateway to a wide range of online services.

Log in to MUSE by clicking the link at the top of any University webpage.

Once in MUSE click the My services menu to access your favourite online services. Click the View all services link to access all online services.

Using MUSE

A laptop showing MOLE next to a pile of books

gmail displayed on a laptop and a phone

Email and Google Apps

We work with Google to provide staff email and the whole range of Google Apps for Education.

Log in to MUSE and click My services to access your Google apps.

Using Email and Google apps


Use UniDrive in MUSE to access files on your University networked drive from home and to backup files on your laptop.

More about UniDrive


Use myAnnounce in MUSE to send broadcast emails to targeted groups of staff and students, subject to moderation.

More about myAnnounce


Use myPrint in MUSE for online submission of large volume print jobs, posters or business cards to Print and Design Solutions.

More about myPrint