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 Current issues affecting services

Status Since Service Affected Details
Tue, 21st September
Turnitin - Issues accessing for some usersPeople are struggling to access Turnitin Feedback Studio from their Blackboard course. They are presented with a message that says their session has expired and/or prompting them to login. There is no need to log in. Please use an alternative browser or wait a short amount of time -- this should enable you to access again.

We are working with Turnitin to try and figure out the root cause. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Mon, 13th September
New print serviceUpdate: Continuing issue with HP Printers.
Jobs may not arrive at the print queue when they meet these conditions:
A document that has an odd number of pages, printed double sided and more than 1 copy.
Single copies of print jobs are not affected.

 Scheduled maintenance / Services at risk

Status Start End Service Affected Details
Wed 22nd August
Wed 22nd August
Western Bank Campus - Electrical MaintenanceEssential works on the Western Bank Campus electrical infrastructure which will impact the whole site. The planned power outage will take up to 6 hours and will affirm energy security to the Western Bank Campus.

Buildings affected include:
1201 Geography Planning Building, 1202 Western Bank Library, 1203 Arts Tower, 1204 Western Bank (Firth Hall Block), 1205 Chemistry (Dainton Building), 1206 Central Annexe, 1207 Western Bank (Edwardian Block), 1208 Alfred Denny Building, 1209 Western Bank (Central Block), 1210 Addison Building, 1211 Chemistry Haworth Building (West Wing), 1212 Chemistry (North Wing), 1214 Chemistry (North East Wing), 1215 Chemistry Richard Roberts Building (East Wing), 1216 Western Bank (Rotunda), 1218 Central Annexe (Technical Services Workshop), 1220 Western Bank (West Wing), 1221 Western Bank (North Wing), 1222 Zebrafish Aquarium, 1224 Perak Biology Laboratory, 1225 Florey Building, 1226 Concourse Substation, 1227 Dainton Building Car Park, 1228 Tower Court Car Park, 1229 Firth Court Car Park, 1230 Printing Resources/Bolsover Street Car Park, 1231 Arts Tower Car Park, 1232 Geography Car Park, 1233 The Transformer, 1302 Students Union (University House), 1303 Hicks Building (Main Block), 1304 Octagon Centre, 1305 Hicks Building (Neutron Block), 1307 Students Union (Link Building), 1308 Students Union (Graves Building), 1309 Hicks Building (Lecture Theatre Block), 1310 Hicks Building (South East Wing), 1331 Hicks Cycle Hub, 1505 Computer Building, and 1507 Information Commons

The power will be restored to the buildings in the order of electrical infrastructure test.
We will endeavour to follow the quoted timescales. However, the schedule is electrical load dependent and can not be guaranteed.

The list of buildings and the schedule of power restore is as follows:
•Alfred Denny is back on within minutes;
•Aquarium and parts of Edwardian/North Wing (essential services, Transformer 2) are back on within minutes;
•Firth Hall NMR facility is back on within minutes;
•Central Annexe is back on after 20 minutes;
•Chemistry Complex is back on after 20 minutes;
•Hicks is back on after 30 minutes;
•Firth Court buildings (excluding the ones listed above) are back on after 60 minutes;
•Students Union, Octagon, Information Commons and the remaining Western Bank buildings are back on between 1-3 hours (depending on the electrical load on the day).

Friday 10th September
Friday 24th September
EFM Planned Power Outages Affecting Network ServicesPlanned power outages, affecting the following areas:

Fri 10th Sept: AMRC Training Centre and FOERS (07:00-09:00)
Fri 10th Sept: AMRC Factory of the Future (09:00/10:00-16:00)

Mon 13th Sept: Kroto Research Institute (10:00-12:00)

Weds 15th Sept: Nanoscience and Technology Building: (07:00-09:00) TBC

Fri 17th Sept: AMRC DPTC (07:00-09:00)
Fri 17th Sept: AMRC KTC (07:00-09:00)

Mon 20th Sept: Sir Robert Hadfield inc CHELSI: (07:00-09:00)

Tues 21st Sept: Mappin Building/Pam Liversidge (10:00-12:00)

Fri 24th Sept: AMRC Factory of the Future (07:00/08:00-16:00)

We are working with our colleagues in EFM to provide temporary power supplies to maintain network services to adjacent buildings where necessary.

Network Operations will be monitoring our infrastructure to ensure that services are restored properly afterwards.

 Recently resolved issues

Status Resolved Service Affected Details
No current resolved issues

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