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 Current issues affecting services

Status Since Service Affected Details
Wed, 13th September
Wooclap Add-Ins - Chrome & FirefoxWe are aware that some are experiencing issues when using Wooclap add-ins via Chrome and Firefox browser. An error message is received when trying to access the add-in.

We have reported to Wooclap directly and are seeking a resolution.

In the meantime Wooclap  can still be accessed directly at or add a Google slides link to an event within Wooclap.

 Scheduled maintenance / Services at risk

Status Start End Service Affected Details
Tue 10th October
Tue 10th October
Core Network MaintenanceDuring this time we will be performing a migration of routing services for the IP Telephony networks.
This will result in a few seconds of silence during any active phone call.
If users do experience call disconnection (not expected, but possible), please redial once dialtone is available.
If dialtone is unavailable after 09:00 (on a handset that previously worked), please raise a call to the Service Desk.
Mon 4th Sep 9:00

SAP (myJob/myTeam/e-Rec/myPurchase) on Google ChromeThere is currently an issue affecting SAP services such as myJob, myTeam, myPurchase & e-Rec when using certain versions of Chrome on some devices. 

It is giving the error message: "The parent window did not answer when requesting the origin."

The fix for this is being worked on, however in the meantime the workaround is to use mySAPmobile (Inc. Payslip) (for myJob) or use a different web browser such as: Firefox, Edge or Safari to access the other SAP services (myTeam, myPurchase, e-Rec). 
Tues 3rd October
Tues 3rd October
Network MaintenanceNetwork services, both wired and wireless, are at risk throughout the whole of the maintenance window.
No interruption to service is expected.

 Recently resolved issues

Status Resolved Service Affected Details
Tue, 26th September
CMIS - TimetableThe issue with staff accessing online timetables has now been resolved.
Tue, 26th September
Network Fault - Northern General Hospital buildingsThe network issue affecting the Northern General Hospital Buildings has now been resolved.

Please note this table is only updated in office hours (8am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

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