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Personal Storage

IT Services provides enterprise class storage for Staff and Students to use for their personal files

About Personal Storage

This storage is provided by a microsoft cluster service runing on virtualised software hosted on-premise using dedicated hardware and on our central storage system.

Further information

Using Personal Storage

This storage is accessible both on and off campus, from a desktop file manager interface or via a web interface.

Using Personal Storage

Managing Personal Storage

This storage is not manageable. Only the person whose home directory it is can see and access this directory and its contents.

This cannot be changed.



The safety and security of this storage is centrally managed by IT Services, ensuring that all your data is secure. All the security, patching and configuration is managed for you.


The storage platform is resilient to potential hardware failures, and also offers a self service style recovery method utilising Microsoft previous versions.


Personal Storage is easily accessible both on and off campus. You can access your files and folders from computers and mobile devices when and where you need to. Windows, macOS and Linux platforms are all supported.