Access from macOS

You will need to know the path to your home directory. Currently the easiest way to determine this is to login to a University or YoYo desktop workstation and look at 'This PC'. Here you will see your U: drive already mapped for you, which will also you to take note of the path to your Personal Storage (Home Directory)

U Drive screenshot showing the path

In this example you can see the path is


This will vary for every person since its private and no two people share the same path.

Also note in the example above the path used is the text including the slash (\) characters, and the username of the account, in this case Cs1ijb

You can create a connection from your Mac to your Personal Storage (Home directory) in a few simple steps. Once you have set up your connection, you will be able to access and work on your files whenever and wherever you need to.

From Finder

  1. From your Finder menu bar, click Go
  2. Choose Connect to server from the menu
  3. The Connect to server window will appear
  4. In the Server Address box type in the path of your Personal Storage - example:


  1. Click the + to add it to your list of Favourite servers so you won't have to remember it
  2. Click Connect
  3. In the login window select Registered user
  4. Enter your university username followed by e.g.
  5. Enter your password, then click Connect.

NOTE: Never save your credentials on a shared computer

Your Mac will automatically open a new finder windows showing your Personal Storage

If you are following these instructions from home then please remember to connect to the University's VPN service first.

Updated May 2021