When will my University IT account close?

Your University computer account will be suspended at tthe completion of your studies. Information on your graduation ceremony will be sent to the personal contact details you have provided us.

Once your account is suspended, you will lose access to your files saved on University Storage and your University email account. You will no longer be able to log on to campus computers or use the photocopiers and printers.

When will my UCard expire?

If you're graduating, your UCard will also expire -- the date of expiry is printed on the card.

If you are an undergraduate student with an expired UCard and would like to use the library facilities prior to your graduation, you can email library@sheffield.ac.uk. Please note that you will not be able to borrow resources.

Can I keep my @sheffield.ac.uk email address?

No. After completing your course, you will no longer be able to access your University computer account or emails. So it's important that you transfer any emails you wish to keep to your personal email account.

Don't use your University email address when registering for websites or social media you will continue to use after you have completed study. Do not give your University email address to potential employers or when applying for jobs online as they will not be able to contact you vai this address.

What if I'm continuing my studies as a University of Sheffield Postgraduate?

If you are continuing your postgraduate studies at The University of Sheffield, you will be given a new account when you attend your registration event, but you will keep your email address, emails, and Google account. Your University Storage (u:drive) will change as that is tied to your old account, so you would been to refer to the Keep your files if you have files in University Storage.