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WiFi (eduroam)

Wifi is just about everywhere around campus and in student bedrooms, and it's really easy to connect.

Plus because we use the eduroam wifi network, when you visit friends at other Universities you will automatically connect to wifi there too.

Connect to Eduroam

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Wired internet

For faster internet and for gaming it's quick and easy to connect to the wired network too.

Register your computer on the wired network

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You can access most online service from home and off campus easily and instantly via MUSE.

Occasionally you may need an extra secure VPN connection, which requires its own VPN password.

Get your remote access (VPN) password"   Set up your VPN

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Gaming and consoles

Online gaming is allowed in residences at the University of Sheffield and we don't block any games. User support is limited but if you report problems we will investigate as far as we can.


Connect your console