Transferring your Google Files

If you would like to keep everything associated with your University Google account like Docs, Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Photos, you can use Google's quick and easy online apps.

Transfer your content to a different Google Account

Open your Google Account (the easiest way is that there will be an initial in a box with the University logo in the top right-hand corner of any of your Google services, click this and it will show your name, and a Manage your Google Account button. Click this to enter your account).

Once you are here you are looking for the Transfer your content section. Open this and follow the instructions.

  1. Enter the destination account's email address (or set-up a new account if you don't have one).
  2. Verify your destination account.
  3. Select content to copy and transfer.

Google Takeout

If you do not have a Google account to transfer the files to, and do not want to set a new account up, or you just want a local copy of the content, then Google Takeout can be used: