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The student print service lets you print from any computer then collect your printout from any compatible printer around campus. To collect your print (and ensure no-one else does) you swipe your UCard at your chosen device.

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Costs and credit

Printings costs a few pence per sheet and your balance is stored electronically on your UCard. Whenever you swipe your balance is debited. We credit you £2 initially but you can add more funds online.

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All devices also allow you to photocopy. You swipe your UCard to log in. Remember to log out when you have finished.

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Scanning is free and you can use any print/copy/scan device to scan paper and have the image either emailed to you or saved to a usb memory stick. Formats available include pdf(searchable), jpg, or other OCR type files including .docx.

Alternatively, you can use a dedicated PC scanner.

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