Save files safely

Look after your files

We see too many students who've lost the only copy of their work, close to a deadline.

  • If you use University computers save it in your documents library.
  • If you use your own computer keep more than one copy in different places.
  • If you use both, use UniDrive through MUSE to get your University files from your personal computer.

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screenshot of the windows 7 documents library

Safest place to keep files

On University computers, the safest place to keep files is the documents library. This puts the file in UniDrive which we back up and protect from corruption.

Don't save to the C: drive like you might do on your own computer. We erase the C: drive on Uni computers regularly to protect your files from being seen by others.

About University storage

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Get to files from your own computer

You can access files saved in the documents library on campus computers from your own computer by using UniDrive in MUSE.

You can also save files directly to UniDrive from your own computer. Do this to make sure you have two copies of files that you wouldn't want to lose.


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Don't trust the usb stick

USB memory sticks are great for moving files between computers and storing backup copies but they break and are easily lost! Don't use them to keep the only copy of an important file.

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Disconnect the external drive

External drives are invaluable for storing copies but they can break. Disconnect your external drives when not in use to prevent infection spreading from your computer to your backup files.

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Don't rely on the hard drive

The hard drive on your own computer is a very safe place but still it may break or may get infected. Make sure you have backup copies of all important files in at least one other location separate to your computer.

We have contracts in place with Google to ensure their storage meets our security requirements. Goog

Google Drive

We have contracts in place with Google to ensure their storage meets our security requirements. Google Drive is an excellent place to keep long-term copies of your files. Sync doesn't work on Uni computers, which is a good thing as this prevents infection spreading to your backup copies.

Using Google Drive