Launching and installing software

How to Start General Software

General software including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint is already available in the Start menu.

  1. Click the Start button,
  2. Select All programs
  3. Locate the software, Office products are in the Microsoft Office folder.

Alternatively, search for the software as follows:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type the name of the software into the search box
  3. Click the application in the list of search results.

How to install additional software

If the academic software you require is not in the Start menu you may need to install it from the Software Center as follows:

  1. Double-click the Software Center icon on the desktop
  2. If the message 'No items found' is displayed, or items are missing, then run 'Update Software Center Apps' from the desktop.
  3. Wait until the list of software populates (refresh with the F5 key if necessary)
  4. Select the software in the alphabetical list and click the Install button
  5. When installation is complete close the Software Center and run the software from the Start menu

Once you have installed the software it will remain available on that PC. However, if you use a different PC you may need to install it again.

If the Software Center does not populate with a list of software after 10 minutes please report this as a fault.