Studying from home or off campus

For general advice and guidance for studying remotely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic see the Advice for current students.

Accessing teaching materials

All our online services including Blackboard, Turnitin and library e-resources are available through MUSE wherever you are. Academic Programmes and Student Engagement (APSE) have put together some useful advice for accessing and using these tools for remote learning.

Online learning

Accessing Library eResources

The Library has information on how to access eResources remotely. This will give you a secure connection to the University network.

Note that Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not normally required to access eResources.

Accessing eResources

Accessing your Google Apps

You can access all our University Google Apps through MUSE from anywhere. However from some locations you may need a VPN connection.

University Google Apps
Set up VPN

Getting Academic Software

Get academic software for your personal Windows or Mac computer free of charge. We’ve got software such as Matlab, NVivo, SPSS so wherever you are you can access the software you need

Software downloads

Accessing and saving files

It's really easy to access your University files anywhere anytime. You can get them either from the web or directly as a folder on your computer.

Saving and accessing your work

Collaborate with groups

We provide tools that make it easy for you to keep in touch and collaborate with friends and classmates. Google Chat is a university chat platform where you can instantly message individuals and groups. Or to have face to face catchups you can use Google Meet.

Google Chat

Google Meet

Keeping Safe and Secure

You should ensure your home computer is secure, and you should understand the policy regarding University data held off-campus.

Advice on Safe Computing

Advice for international students working from China

For students studying from China, we provide University Connect for China, a service which improves the availability and performance of some of the University’s online teaching and learning products from China.

University Connect for China

Getting Help and Support

Our IT Service Desk provides support between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday for students studying away from the University. 24/7 Support is available by using our self service facility in MUSE. 

Getting Support