Staff drop-in service

The building is officially shut and we are only here for business-critical tasks such as sending out laptops and accepting deliveries from suppliers of equipment.

Face-to-face drop-in service is currently unavailable until further notice. You can still get support by clicking the 'Report A New Issue' tile within the IT Service Desk (Self Service) portal via MUSE

We offer twenty-minute drop-in sessions for University staff without the need to make an appointment. During busy periods there may be queues, but we will let you know your approximate waiting time.

The staff drop-in service is based in the Computing Centre and operates Monday-Friday from 09:00-17:00.

This service is available to all holders of Staff and Associate UCards. If you are a holder of an External UCard, please contact us in advance to enquire about eligibility.

Examples of services we offer:

  • Initial diagnosis of hardware and software issues in both University and privately-owned equipment.
  • Help connecting to the University network.
  • Assistance with problems using IT Services.
  • Trouble-shooting on applications, systems and software.
  • Advice and guidance about a wide range of IT-related queries, such as backing-up data, internet safety and security, and choosing equipment and devices.

In some cases where we have not been able to resolve the issue in your drop-in session we will organise further support. Some of these problems include:

  • Removal of viruses and malware.
  • Retrieving lost data.
  • Minor hardware repairs.
  • Issues relating to accessing services that are managed by other teams, departments or external services.
  • Complex issues causing network connectivity problems.

What to do before you come and see us

In order to help us resolve your issues as quickly as possible, please follow these steps before you come and see us:

  • Make sure you can provide us with as much information as possible about your problem so that we can make a more accurate and swift diagnosis. When did the problem first arise? Does anything in particular trigger the issue?
  • Check whether your device is still under warranty - if so, the place where you purchased the equipment or the manufacturer may be able to resolve your problem if we can’t.
  • Bring any cables, power-supplies and installation CDs you may have received with your device.