Student Equipment Support Service 

We offer all University of Sheffield students advice and support for their IT equipment via the Information Desk on level one of the IC during staffed hours. We will try to help with any issues that you have with your device, such as:

  • Problems using University IT services
  • Problems using software
  • Reinstalling operating systems
  • Removing viruses and malware

We will try to diagnose and resolve problems on the spot, but for more complex issues we may need to do one of the following:

For problems with an IT service or software, we will take your details and an expert will get in touch.

For hardware problems which require us to take a closer look at your computer, we can take in your equipment between 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, and between 10am - 4.30pm on a Friday. We will provide you with a receipt and will contact you when your equipment is ready for collection. Please take your receipt to the IC Information Desk during staffed hours to collect your equipment once you have been notified.

We cannot take laptops in for repair after 4.30pm; however, we can still have a preliminary look and advise you whether to bring it back during opening hours, or seek an alternative solution.

Unfortunately, we are not able to source replacement parts for your hardware or carry out extensive repairs that involve dismantling your device. If we can’t resolve the issue, we will be happy to offer you advice about the next steps you can take to help you get your equipment repaired. Remember, if your product is still under warranty, you can seek help from the manufacturer or the shop you bought it from.

Postgraduate students

If you are a postgraduate student and you require support or repairs for your desktop computer, we will be happy to arrange for it to be collected and delivered back to your department. Contact the IT Service Desk or visit the Computing Centre on Hounsfield Road.