Searching For a Department or Service

Having selected to search for a Department or Service by pressing 2 at the main options, the Switchboard will ask “Where would you like to be transferred?”. At this point say the Department or Service that you require. For example:

To search for: Human Resources
Say: Human Resources

To search for: The Department of Philosophy
Say: Philosophy

To search for: Arts Tower Porters
Say: Arts Tower Porters Lodge
Porters Lodge Arts Tower

  • If a match is found by the system, your choice will be confirmed and your call transferred.
  • If the system is unable to recognise your choice or does not have any contact details available you will be asked to try a second time. You may wish to say the same choice again or, if using a shortened version (for example H R) you may wish to say the full title (for example Human Resources).
  • The system will only ask you to try searching twice. If it is not able to transfer you to the correct Department or Service for any reason you will be transferred to a human operator for assistance

See Hint and Tips for Best Results for further advice on searching for Departments and Services.

Searching for a Member of Staff