Connecting an Android device to VPN

Follow the steps below to securely connect your Android device to the new University VPN.

NOTE: Due to an issue with the Android client, you will be prompted to accept the security certificate each time you connect. This will be resolved in a future version of the client.

  1. Go to the Google Play store.
  2. Search for FortiClient VPN and download the app.
  3. When it has finished downloading open the app.
  4. Select New VPN.
  5. Enter UoS-SSL-VPN for VPN name.
  6. Select SSL VPN as VPN type.
  7. Select Server and enter
  8. Go back to the main menu and select UoS under VPN Tunnels.
  9. Press Connect.
  10. Enter your university username - this is the same username you log into MUSE with.
  11. Enter your university password - this is the same password you log into MUSE with (if you're enrolled in MFA using a hardware token please enter your university password and the passcode generated by your token in the format of password,passcode - note the comma between password and passcode). A new passcode must be generated for each VPN connection attempt.
  12. If you're enrolled in MFA using your mobile device - approve the login request on your mobile device.
  13. You are connected to the VPN.

Note - Once you have performed the initial configuration steps above. To continue connecting to the University VPN service, you need to launch the FortiClient app on your device each time you wish to connect

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