Connecting to VPN on Chromebook

Follow these instructions to connect to the new University VPN on a Chromebook.

  1. Visit the Google Play store.
  2. Search for FortiClient VPN and download/install the app.
  3. Open the FortiClient VPN app.
  4. Allow access for camera/microphone/media.
  5. Set VPN name: UoS-SSL-VPN.
  6. Set VPN type: SSL VPN.
  7. The next screen will show SSL VPN Settings.
  8. Select Server and enter and click OK.
  9. Click UoS-SSL-VPN to exit the settings, then click Connect.
  10. Enter your university username - this is the same username you log into MUSE with.
  11. Enter your university password - this is the same password you log into MUSE with (if you're enrolled in MFA using a hardware token please enter your university password and the passcode generated by your token in the format of password,passcode - note the comma between password and passcode). A new passcode must be generated for each VPN connection attempt.
  12. On the Connection Request screen, click OK.
  13. If you're enrolled in MFA using your mobile device - approve the login request on your mobile device.
  14. You are now connected to the VPN.

Note - Once you have performed the initial configuration steps above. To continue connecting to the University VPN service, you need to open the FortiClient application using the Chomebook launcher menu.

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