Connecting to VPN on a YoYo University Desktop

To install the FortiClient VPN application on the YoYo University Desktop if you're working remotely please follow the below:

  1. Open the Software Centre via the shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Search for FortiClient using the search function in the applications menu.
  3. The search should list an application called FortiClient VPN If it does not appear, you may need to update Software Centre using the Update Software Centre Apps shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Double-click the FortiClient application
  5. Select the Install button next to FortiClient VPN and then wait for the application to install.
  6. Once installed, launch the application using the FortiClient VPN shortcut on your desktop.
  7. Acknowledge and accept the disclaimer.
  8. Enter your university username - this is the same username you use to log into MUSE with.
  9. Enter your university password - this is the same password you use to log into MUSE with (if you're enrolled in MFA using a hardware token please enter your university password and the passcode generated by your token in the format of password,passcode - note the comma between password and passcode). A new passcode must be generated for each VPN connection attempt.
  10. Press Connect.
  11. If you're enrolled in MFA using your mobile device - approve the login request on your mobile device.
  12. You're now connected to the VPN.

Note - Once you have performed the initial configuration steps above. To continue connecting to the University VPN service, you need to launch the FortiClient application from the start menu or by double clicking the desktop shortcut. If FortiClient is already running in the background. You can open the application by right clicking the shield icon in the system tray and then selecting "Open FortiClient Console"

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