Web Sites and Hosting at the University

The University offers three main web hosting services, the CMS, cPanel and Google Sites.


We provide the web Content Management System (CMS) to help staff create corporate departmental websites. This is the main web site www.sheffield.ac.uk, as is an outward facing service publicly available. Each site within this domain is owned by a web co-ordainator who is solely responsible for the management of the site.

The CMS requires completion of the "Introduction to the CMS" training course.


We provide cPanel to allow staff, research students and student societies to create websites that are not restricted in terms of content, features or design. cPanel provides a dashboard of tools to help with things like back-ups, restricting pages, managing pages and database. However this is an unsupported service, so a good technical knowledge of site design and management will be of benefit in creating and maintaining the site, which will be the site owner's responsibility.

Google Sites

We provide Google Sites to allow staff and students to easily create a website using a simple drag and drop interface. This service is particularly good for inwardly focused information as it has good access controls. The University set up means that the format of the web address is limited. But is allows people to quickly and easily make a site.

Other, commercial services may be used, providing data protection and copyright issues are considered, and any related expenses are covered by the budgets of departments or projects.