Setting Up your Chromebook and Connecting to Eduroam

At the University, setting up a Chromebook effectively means connecting it to eduroam, since one of the first steps you take when setting up a Chromebook is to connect it to a wireless network. 

Connecting to Eduroam

  1. Switch on your Chromebook
  2. Select your language and keyboard language from the top two menus
  3. In the third menu select eduroam
  4. In EAP method select PEAP
  5. In Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAPv2
  6. Leave Server CA certificate as Default
  7. In Identity specify your University Username followed by (e.g.
  8. In Password type in your University password
  9. Leave Anonymous identity blank
  10. Ensure the Save identity and password option is checked and click the Connect button
  11. Once the Continue button becomes enabled, click it.

You are now connected to the eduroam wireless network.

Signing In to your Google Account

Your Chromebook is based around the Chrome Browser and your Google Account. You can set up your University Google account as follows.

  1. If you wish, remove the check from the 'usage statistics' option
  2. Click Accept and continue to accept Google Terms
  3. In the Email field type in your University email address
  4. In the password field type in your University password
  5. Click the Sign in button
  6. Choose an account picture and click the Ok button

Using the Trackpad

You now need to follow the instructions on screen to learn how to use your trackpad. This is worth doing as task four (step 5) is very new.

  1. Click the Go button
  2. First click the Chrome logo
  3. Press with two fingers to right-click the logo
  4. Scroll with two finers on the trackpad to scroll the logo up and down
  5. Use two fingers to drag the logo

Using the Chromebook

The Chromebook is based on the Chrome browser to which you can add Chrome apps

  1. Click Visit the Web Store
  2. You can now add free Chrome Apps to your browser.

As as starting point we recommend you install all the Google Apps. Dropbox and Evernote are also very useful tools but should not be used to store sensitive University information..