Connecting your Linux Computer to eduroam

You will need the latest build of your preferred version of Linux. These methods have been tested on Ubuntu

Quick Tip

The wireless network at UK universities is called eduroam. To connect to eduroam you will need to provide your username and password. However, when typing in your username add the text - this will allow you to connect at Sheffield but if you visit another University your PC will automatically connect to eduroam there too!

Connecting to eduroam

Using the CAT installer

1. Visit and select University of Sheffield as the institution.
2. Download the Linux installer (this is a python script named
3. In terminal, navigate to the directory you saved the script (e.g. cd Downloads/)
4. Check you have Python installed and, if so, what version (e.g. ‘which python’, ‘which python3’)
4.b. If you do not have python installed use your distribution’s package manager to obtain.
4.c. If you have python3 installed you will need to edit the first line of Use the 'vi' command and change #!/usr/bin/env python to read #!/usr/bin/python3
5. You need to make the script executable. Enter the command ‘sudo chmod 700
6. Enter the command ‘./’ to run the script
You will be prompted with some pop ups to confirm you are entering details for The University of Sheffield and to enter your username and password. Enter your username followed by to enable connecting to eduroam at other locations.
Following successful completion you should now be able to connect to eduroam

Using the manual method

1. Download the QuoVadisOVRootCertificate.crt certificate to your machine (see "Downloads" box to the right)
2. When in range of eduroam click on it to enter settings
3. Use the following settings:

  • Wireless Security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication: PEAP
  • CA Certificate: Browse to where you saved the certificate in step 1 and select
  • Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Username: Your UoS username followed by
  • Password: Your UoS password

You should then be able to connect to eduroam

Note: If your OS requires the certificate in .pem format rather than .crt you can use the same certificate by changing the file extension to .pem. This is because the certificate in Downloads is already in a .pem compatible format