Introducing YoYo Desktop

YoYo Desktop is the latest desktop computing offering here at Sheffield. Designed for individual use, YoYo provides a greater level of control over your desktop. But there are some important differences between YoYo Desktop and the University Desktop you need to be aware of.

The facts

Domain joined

YoYo Desktops are automatically joined to the university domain. This means you can log in with just your University username and password and get access to university resources. It also means Windows updates and antivirus can be managed centrally. It also means that anyone else can log on to this PC - so its important that you save sensitive data to only local areas on the PC that only you can access (eg MyDocuments, MyFolder) or networked filestore.

No roaming

YoYo is designed for use by individuals. Unlike the University Desktop, all your settings are stored on your computer. So if you move to another YoYo or University Desktop, your desktop shortcuts and other personalisation won't be there.

Working with files

On YoYo, your files are not saved to your University storage, but are saved to your locally on the PC instead. When you save to My Documents, Pictures, Downloads and other common folders your files are not stored on University storage. You will need to make sure you save any important files to your personal storage (U: drive) or shared storage (X: drive). Otherwise if your computer fails they may get lost.


Like the University Desktop, YoYo comes with the University's Software Centre pre-installed. Giving you access to more than 400 pieces of academic and market leading software. Or if you need to install and try new pieces of software regularly, you can. YoYo gives access for you to install your own software using an administrator account for that desktop.

Is YoYo right for me?

YoYo Desktop is great when:

  • You regularly need to install and try new pieces of software as part of your work
  • You need to use specific hardware or software which cannot be delivered centrally

Use the University Desktop when:

  • Everything you need can be delivered centrally.
  • In teaching spaces or student computer rooms.

If you do choose to use it you need to be aware of the differences between YoYo Desktop and the University Desktop.

If your department does not currently use YoYo your departmental I.T. technician needs to request it using this link first, after which they will be able to install it for you.

Request YoYo Desktop

Information about Administrator accounts