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Project no. Title of project Status More Information
P1 Mechanism and function of mitotic cell rounding Closed
P2 Torque generation by the actomyosin cytoskeleton for chiral symmetry breaking in cell division Closed
P3 Actomyosin cortex architecture and cell surface mechanics during mitosis Closed
P4 Cell/cell adhesion as regulator of cell shape and tissue development in Drosophila melanogaster Closed
P5 Fluid flow as regulator for planar polarity of cilia in epithelial cells Closed
P6 Regulation of epithelial cell polarization and ciliogenesis via cell confinement Closed
P7 Microfluidic platform development for 3D organ on a chip models Closed
P8 Role of caveolae in mechano-sensing and mechano-signaling Closed
P9 Clathrin-independent endocytosis and retrograde transport in cell polarity Closed
P10 Cargo specific interpretation of local and global membrane tension by clathrin coated pits. Closed
P11 Advanced integration of cell mechanical analysis in Atomic Force Microscopy Closed
P12 Stromal biomechanics in cancer progression/Role of caveolae: Potential for a novel therapy Closed
P13 Mechano-transduction of the transcription factors YAP/TAZ in a model of Marfan syndrome Closed
P14 Molecular mechanisms of macrophage mechanosensing Closed
P15 Caveolin-1 as a cancer target: Investigating drugability and hit-to-lead optimization Closed