Network wide BIOPOL-training

Combined cross-disciplinary ERC-excellence in one joint training program

The European Research Council is currently providing funding to seven individual participants of BIOPOL formally recognizing their excellent research. Thus BIOPOL brings together ERC-researchers across Europe (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland) in one joint training program for early stage researchers. BIOPOL further comprises additional top-scientists leading in their field as well as innovative companies.

This combined expertise allows BIOPOL to provide a highly innovative training program in state-of-the-art techniques and research projects.

Experimental network-wide training stations

In addition to individual research projects BIOPOL provides network-wide experimental training by establishment of seven training stations reflecting the expertise of the consortium and performed at the principal investigators laboratories.

These training stations can be combined in a modular manner to design a fellow specific experimental training. The training stations cover different disciplines (Cell Biology, Physics, Engineering).