Law for Journalists

Module code: JNL6009

This module aims to develop students' understanding of legal constraints on journalists working in England and Wales, including defamation and contempt law. Students will also study how matter can be published in the public interest, and how a journalist can challenge invalid restrictions.

There will also be a study of some parts of the Editors' Code of Practice and the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, which govern ethics.

Module aims

  • to help students attain a thorough, practical understanding of legal and related ethical constraints on journalism in England and Wales
  • to enable students to recognise when reporting restrictions are invalid, and to know how to challenge these
  • to enable students to understand the basic principles, procedures and processes of criminal and civil law in England and Wales
  • to demonstrate that principles of human rights, including those concerning freedom of expression and the presumption of innocence, underlie UK media law
  • to introduce students to the main controversies of current media law

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