Advanced Broadcast Journalism

Module code: JNL6017

This module allows students to build on the basic broadcast journalism skills of semester 1. Students will produce work that is journalistically and technically more complex across a greater variety of radio and television formats. Broadcast news features will be self-generated and students will also have the opportunity to make radio and television news programmes covering a range of formats and styles.

The module will also consider the increasing importance of websites run by broadcast organisations. It will introduce students to the multimedia skills they will need to produce digital content.

Module aims

  • to develop students' journalism skills and their application to radio, television and the web
  • to build on basic technical skills, enabling students to produce more complex work in radio and television and on the web
  • to enable students, working alone and in groups, to plan and produce a variety of radio and television news features, bulletins, programmes and web pages based on current formats
  • to enable students to reflect critically on their own work and that of others


Module leader
Prof Marie Kinsey



Teaching methods
Lectures, seminars, workshops and newsdays

Audio slideshow (25%)
Radio news feature (25%)
Television news feature (25%)
Critical appraisal (25%)

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