Advanced Magazine Journalism

Module code: JNL6024

Once students have developed the basic skills of magazine writing, this module encourages them to develop their magazine production skills to a higher level and introduces them to the principles and practice of magazine design and brand development.

Students will then apply these skills to produce a portfolio of work that covers key magazine journalism skills.


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Module aims
  • to develop students' ability to create a magazine from concept to printed page
  • to further develop the ability to write, edit and come up with ideas for targeted audiences
  • to introduce focus groups and market research to identify readers
  • to introduce SWOT analysis to identify the commercial viability of a magazine
  • to develop students' ability to design magazine pages and covers in line with brand requirements
  • to introduce students to the principles and practice of magazine production
  • to ensure that students work to realistic, tight deadlines
  • to introduce students to the principles of how the magazine business operates
  • to give students advanced training on multimedia platforms including video, recording, slideshow and VT editing skills
  • to ensure that students have the basic skills to create their own branded magazine websites and recognise the need to use social media when necessary

Module leader
Yvonne Illsley



Teaching methods
Lectures and workshops
Web and digital training course

Features package (40%)
Magazine package (40%)
Web and digital development plan (20%)

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