Journalism, Globalisation and Development

Module code: JNL6027

This module examines the relationship between journalism and the main challenges of globalisation and development. It analyses the place of journalism in the globally interconnected, and yet divided world.

Through the discussion of key theoretical concepts and specific examples of media narratives from different parts of the world, the module explores ways in which media can assist people and communities to meet wellbeing challenges, and critically assesses why global media represent globalisation and development issues in a certain manner.

The module will study media representations of the north/south divide; coverage of humanitarian crises and major global issues; the relationship between journalism and political imagining of distant others; and the potential of new media technologies to facilitate activism and social change.


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Module aims
  • to equip students to identify and critically assess key issues and debates about the role of journalism in development
  • to equip students to analyse the challenges to journalism in the developing world brought about by globalisation
  • to equip students to critically deconstruct and relate to theory diverse media narratives about major global divides and issues
  • to equip students to critically evaluate the ways in which discourses of development relate to media freedom and democracy

Module leader
Dr Dmitry Chernobrov



Teaching methods
10 two-hour lectures
9 one-hour seminar/workshops
3 film screenings

Case study and presentation (30%)
Essay (70%)

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