Introduction to Political Communication

Module code: JNL6303

This module explores a range of ideas and issues within the very broad area of political communication. It starts with a basic introduction to the field and then moves on to look at key issues in the discussion of politics, journalism and communication, and the intersection of these three fields of study.

The module will also seek to explore how we should look at the field of political communication at a time when traditional media (newspapers) are in relative decline and different forms of communication (eg Twitter, Facebook, WeChat) exist in abundance. The discussion will take in comparative, global and historical contexts.

By the end of the module you should understand theoretical traditions in the analysis of political communications and be familiar with the broad debates around the relationship between politics and media.

You'll understand recent developments in media which impact on the field. You'll grasp current debates concerning the 'management' of news by government and state agencies and the 'management of the electorate'.

Module aims

  • to develop an understanding of the field of political communication in an international framework
  • to alert students to the range of actors and institutions involved in political communication and their roles and motivations
  • to give insights into new key concepts, issues and debates within the field
  • to encourage students to develop their own areas of interest and case studies within political communication, and relate their knowledge to other modules
  • to encourage students to explore the global and comparative dimensions of the study of political communication
  • to consider whether or not there is a crisis in political communication

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