Literary success for journalism student

Amy DurrantA Sheffield journalism student has had her debut novel nominated for the 2013 London Book Award.

Amy Durrant, 20, had her debut novel Prisms published earlier this year by the US publishing house Rainstorm Press. The book was officially released on 19 July and has received positive reviews from many literary bloggers.

Amy, a third year journalism student, has had her novel released as a paperback and as an e-book. The dystopian novel tells the tale of two parallel worlds, two wastelands of corruption at the hands of their unforgiving political system.


She has recently collaborated with DC and Marvel Comics artist Lee Townsend and Fox and Warner Bros illustrator Dave Windett to produce original concept artwork for several of the characters from Prisms.

Speaking about the award nomination, Amy said: "To receive such an accolade so close to the book launch is very humbling. It's always been a dream of mine to have a book in print and follow in the steps of some of my literary heroes."

Prisms can be purchased from as an e-book at the price of £2.64 and as a paperback for £8.65. It will soon be appearing in several UK bookshops.

Our picture shows Amy celebrating at the Ritz hotel in London.