20 September 2005

Harcup runs seminars for Bulgarian colleagues

A Sheffield lecturer has this summer been helping Bulgarian colleagues to make
links between journalism practice and journalism theory. Academics from the
Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications at Sofia University travelled to
London in July to take part in a series of training sessions on how to update
their curriculum, organised by the BBC World Service Trust.

Tony Harcup, senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield, ran seminars on
integrating theory and practice and on the implications of this for the
journalism curriculum. Tony, who joined the department in March 2005, was asked
to take part because he is the author of a book - Journalism: Principles and
Practice (Sage, 2004) - that bridges the gap between journalism theory and

"It's all about trying to produce reflective practitioners," he said. "That is,
journalists who think about the implications of their job and their actions."