04 October 2004

Olivia at GMTV – a Sheffield student’s diary

Monday September 27

Monday is frantic to say the least! After speaking to my tutor at university about the competition, I rush home to pack. Ah! What to wear? I throw loads of clothes and shoes into my suitcase and set off for the train station.
Chris Murphy from the Yorkshire Post phones me to ask if he could write an article about me and one of the other girls, Katie, as we are both from Leeds.
I arrive at the station soon after that, and begin my journey to London, Kings Cross. I feel anxious and very excited. I start to think about the questions Lorraine Kelly might ask me on Tuesday, whilst still worrying about what to wear for the interview!
I am met in London by Perena, who is one of the PR girls for Pantene, and we travel to the very ‘swanky’ City Inn hotel in Westminster. There, I meet two of the other finalists, Vicky and Jax who I click with straight away. We have a lovely meal in the hotel’s restaurant, feeling like celebrities!
I don’t sleep very well tonight. I keep having nightmares of the interview being totally disastrous and not being able to get any words out of my mouth!

Tuesday 28

Luckily, the interview isn’t disastrous. Although I am that nervous my legs are dithering, I manage to hold myself together and answer Lorraine’s questions. She is really friendly which makes us all feel better, as I have heard horror stories about some celebrities!
After the show, Lorraine comes and sits with us in the Green Room. She congratulates us on our first television appearance.
We are done by 10am so that leaves us with the rest of the day to go and explore London. We meet the other three finalists, Rose, Katie and Nicola, that night, who are all extremely nervous as they are to appear on LK Today the following morning.
It is early to bed that night; getting up at five in the morning is something I’m really not used to!

Wednesday 29

Vicky, Jax and I get up to watch the other three girls with Lorraine, before travelling to Teddington to meet the ‘life coach’, Dawn Breswin.
Dawn helps people gain confidence and hold a more positive outlook on life, with the help of different exercises and visualisations. We are there from 10 in the morning to six in the evening. We pass through many emotions that day, with our sobbing and hysterical laughter all being filmed to show on LK Today next Monday!
It seemed strange at the time but, looking back, I think the class did help to strengthen my inner confidence, as Dawn told me to be less hard on myself and think myself worthy of reaching the last six in the competition, rather than wondering ‘why me’?

Thursday 30

An early start of 5am again! We travel to the GMTV studios, where we are met by an anxious make-up team. I think they have their work cut out as we all look absolutely shattered! The floor manager briefs us on what we will be doing, although we can’t rehearse as they are running late! Stress! As if we aren’t sick with nerves anyway, I go on and don’t know which camera to look at so I must have looked pretty stupid! Never mind.

Friday October 1

I am back in Sheffield trying to catch up on what I have missed during my first week of studies. I am only at GMTV on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next few weeks, so hopefully things will be a bit easier from now on.