15 October 2004

Olivia at GMTV – A Sheffield Student’s Diary (week 3)

We are closely following the progress of one of our journalism students who is in the running to become a television presenter.

Journalism student Olivia Midgley has been appearing on television as a finalist in the Spirit of Beauty contest run by haircare brand Pantene Pro-V in conjunction with GMTV and Premier Model Management.

The 19-year-old undergraduate will discover on November 1 whether she is the overall winner, which would give her a starring lead in a TV commercial and the chance to present with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV’s LK Today.

Leeds-born Olivia is keeping a regular diary of her exciting time at GMTV – here is the third instalment.

Monday October 11
I wake up at 7am and meet the girls in the lobby of the hotel. Today is hair cutting day! We travel to Oxford Street where Paul Merrit (from the Channel 4 series The Salon), will be cutting our locks.
I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday afternoon, everyone prescribing me with ‘fresher’s flu!’ I feel dreadful today and the last thing I want is my hair cutting! Paul does a consultation to camera and says he is going to take some of the length off, so it will be about shoulder length. I am a bit upset as I have been trying to grow my hair long for absolutely ages and I thought that Pantene would want a girl with long hair for the advert. Never mind tho, all in the name of showbiz!
Only three of us can get our hair cut today, as Paul wouldn’t be able to do it all in one day, so the other three are coming back on Friday. However, the camera crew are only here today so we’ve got to make it look like the whole group is having our hair cut!
Sionna, who is a top make-up artist, then calls in to look at our make-up and advise us on what she thinks would look better. This is all filmed, along with our hair being washed, coloured, cut and straightened, etc.
Doc, who is a celebrity hair colourist, starts to put chunks of chocolate brown into my hair, to give it ‘multi-tones’. He tells me he has cut Minnie Driver’s hair in the past, and I tell him I was sat with her in make-up last week! It’s like another world over here, no one seems fazed by anything!
My colour is washed out and I sit in Paul’s chair. He takes a great big chunk of hair and holds it to camera. I feel the scissors on my neck and the whole salon gasps! Uh oh, my long hair is now on the floor and my eyes fill up with tears. I didn’t realise he was going to take that much off, but he did. It is now just above my shoulders. Ah, I look horrible!
Tuesday 12
I didn’t sleep well last night, as I was really sick. I get up at 6am and crawl into the car which takes us to the GMTV studios. I explain that I can’t do the show today as I am very poorly and I feel absolutely awful. Lucy, the series producer for LK Today, tells me to do the rehearsal and see how I feel then.
Amidst running to the toilet and being sick, I manage to do the catwalk in front of Lorraine and Mira from Premier model management, as they talk about our progress. We all did really well and succeed in doing our newly learnt-turns without falling off the catwalk!
I have to wear the silliest hat on the programme as we are not allowed to reveal our haircuts until next week!