22 October 2004

Olivia at GMTV – A Sheffield student’s diary (week 4)

Olivia at GMTV

We have been closely following the progress of one of our journalism students who is in the running to become a television presenter.

Olivia Midgley has been appearing on TV as a finalist in the Spirit of Beauty contest run by haircare brand Pantene Pro-V in conjunction with GMTV and Premier Model Management.

The 19-year-old undergraduate will discover on November 1 whether she is the overall winner, which would give her a starring lead in a TV commercial and the chance to present with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV’s LK Today.

Leeds-born Olivia has been keeping a regular diary of her exciting time at GMTV – here is the fourth and final instalment before the big announcement.

Sunday October 17
I travel down to London at lunchtime as we are going to be meeting Paul Merrit (hairdresser) for a consultation at 5pm.

I jump in a cab at Kings Cross, where I am told that it is the worse day to be travelling, as there is a huge anti war demonstration, practically outside our hotel in Westminster! Just my luck! The usual 10-minute journey to the City Inn takes 40 minutes!

We all meet and discuss tomorrow, when we will be going to the studio at 5.30am and having our makeovers, so they can be revealed live!

October 18
I crawl out of bed at 4.45am and prepare myself for the day. A car picks us up at 5.30am and takes us to the GMTV studios where I sit having my hair styled for nearly two hours.

Everyone then has their hair and make-up finished off and we are shown the outfits we will be wearing. I am given a brown silk top, a short denim skirt, a heavily patterned jacket and cowboy boots which are two sizes too small! A bit of a disaster actually - I have to be practically carried onto the set and perched on a stool. A stool which I cannot get off when my name is called. I got everyone laughing though!

In turn, Mark the stylist, Paul the hairdresser and Cionna the make-up artist talk through our transformations. Lorraine says she likes me with less make-up on which I suppose is a compliment! The item is slightly rushed, meaning I don’t get to say very much apart from, ‘yes’ and ‘thank-you’!

After that, we have to be filmed doing our 20 seconds to camera, explaining why the viewers should vote for us. I had been nervous about this for a while and I didn’t want to look stupid by stumbling and not knowing what to say. So a few days before I wrote a small rhyme which I learnt:

Three Spirited Beauties, which one will it be?
You might be wondering why you should pick me!
The six of us girls span the broadest of trends,
But from haircuts to hiccups we’re the bestest of friends.
Well I’m a Northern lass, just like our Ms Kelly,
And you’ll see us together on the telly!

All of our films are being shown on GMTV so hopefully it will go down well with the public!

October 22
I've now got some time off from filming, so I can have a full week in Sheffield for a change! I then just go down to London on Saturday October 30 for the final which is on Monday November 1. The winner will stay down on the Monday night and appear on GMTV on her own on Tuesday morning - hope it's me!!!!