Sheffield graduates nominated for RTS awards

Tasha HawkerTwo former University of Sheffield Journalism students, Tasha Hawker and Megan Colley, have been nominated for Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards for documentaries they made as part of the journalism course.

Tasha (pictured) wrote, directed and edited a documentary about a group of people living with dementia and their carers, who started a choir, recorded a charity single and sang at the Scottish Parliament.

The documentary explores the role of music in helping those living with dementia and the effectiveness of the support of local community and friendship in living with dementia.


She had the idea for her piece because she had volunteered with the charity Alzheimer’s Scotland and through this met the dementia choir, called “Musical Minds” who became the focus of the documentary.

She said: “Dementia is a subject often covered in the press and is most commonly portrayed as a living death. I wanted to make a documentary that addressed the stigma and investigated whether those living with the illness can still enjoy life.”

Megan ColleyShe said: “It was great to be part of the project from start to finish because I got to watch it grow from an idea into a real documentary. I received brilliant support from journalism lecturers and the equipment available to me was excellent; which allowed me to create something I’m proud to show employers now that I have left University.”

Megan produced a short film on “Larping” – Live Action Role Players. She joined them for a weekend event, and followed the players as they fought serious fantasy battles in a forest, even putting her own battling skills to the test.


Megan said: "I'm so excited to be nominated. I wanted to do a piece on something really abstract and different, so when I saw the medieval society at University staging a battle, I thought I'd dig a bit deeper into Live Action Role Playing. I never thought I'd be able to get the shots and insight I did, so I'm thankful for finding a group who were so open with me and who let me film their whole weekend.

“I also never expected that I'd go and actually enjoy it too, so it opened my eyes to how much fun the world of fantasy actually could be, despite negative opinion."

The RTS Awards Ceremony is being held at York Racecourse later this month.