New online science magazine launched

Students on the Science Communication MSc course have launched their first online science magazine.

Steel Science reports from the labs and research centres around Sheffield, revealing the latest moves from astronomy to zoology - and explaining what they could mean.

Within an hour of going live the Science Museum asked if they could share one of the articles through their lunchtime reading blog.


The Sheffield Star also turned up to cover the launch of the magazine, edited by Emma Wilkinson one of our associate lecturers with IT support from IT manager Hadrian Cawthorne.

December's news includes how a testosterone gel is being used to restore vitality in male cancer patients and how an innovative method of detecting leaks could prevent the wastage of millions of tonnes of water.


Our reporters also delve into how conservation efforts may have to turn away from the cute cuddly poster animals, like pandas, to focus on species which actually stand a chance.

And whether algae could to be the key to powering the planet yet producing no carbon emissions.

For more information on the Science Communication course click here.