Francesca Di Renzo

Francesca Di RenzoFrancesca began her PhD in Journalism Studies in September 2014, with a scholarship offered by the University of Sheffield. She holds a BA and a MA in African and Asian Studies with Distinction from the University of Bologna, Italy. Her main interests were history and cultural and medical anthropology, studies on which she based both her dissertations about mental illness and traditional Tibetan medicine.

Before enrolling at the University of Sheffield, Francesca worked as a photojournalist for local newspapers in Italy, and her pictures were also published on national magazines. In addition, she has professional experience in the field of communication. While working in creative agencies, her main tasks were photo-editing and research for advertisement and informative campaigns about health and environmental issues.


Francesca's research aims to explore and compare the news narratives through which migration from northern Africa to Europe is represented in Italian and Spanish news media. In particular, her analysis focuses on news about the migrant crossing of the Morocco-Spain and Libya-Italy borders to identify the cultural values which are disseminated through it.

PhD title

News Narratives about Migrants at the Border in the Italian and Spanish Online News Media, 2013-2015


Dr Emma Briant
Professor Martin Conboy


April 2016: Presentation, 'Comparing online news about migrants at the border: The case of and, 2013-2015', at the international conference Migration and Asylum: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe, Universidad CEU San Pablo, 21-22 April, Madrid

June 2015: Co-organiser of first postgraduate workshop on migration, Reframing the Migration Debate, Sheffield


Twitter: @gilgasfrnd