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Staff and PGR ethics application approval process

Before the start of any research (funded or unfunded) involving human participants and/or their personal data, all staff and postgraduate researchers (PGRs) must submit an ethics application for review and approval via the online ethics application system.

Once submitted, the ethics application will be reviewed by three members of the Journalism Studies Research Ethics Committee, who will provide feedback and guidance on the online form and during the ethics review committee meeting.

Staff and PGRs must not begin any research until it has been approved via the ethics review process.

Staff and PGRs applying for funding must consult the guidelines of individual funding bodies as they differ in terms of whether ethical approval is required before the submission of the funding application.

Approved research must be carried out in compliance with any conditions set by the ethics reviewers. If ethics approval is withdrawn or suspended for any reason, the research must be discontinued. Likewise, if changes are made to the research process which impact on the original ethics application, an amended ethics application may be required. Staff and students who may be unsure of whether an amended ethics application is required should consult the department's research ethics co-ordinator.

Any work which may need ethics approval should also comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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Staff and PGR research ethics review process

Flowchart of staff ethical approval process