Lada PriceDr Lada Trifonova Price

University Teaching Associate

Tel: (+44)(0)114 222 2496
Twitter: @jnl113

Room 304
Office hours: Thursday 2–4pm, by appointment

BA, MA (Sofia), PhD (Sheffield)

Lada is a former journalist – she has worked as a reporter, radio presenter and foreign correspondent for the Bulgarian section of the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Washington DC. After five years working in the United States Lada joined the Department of Journalism Studies as a part-time postgraduate student in 2007. She was awarded a PhD in 2013 and appointed University Teaching Associate in 2014. Lada is a seminar leader, lecturer and a post-doctoral scholar at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), based in the department.

Her work has examined journalists' perceptions and understanding of post-communist media change in Bulgaria. She has also worked as a researcher for a major EU project in the Seventh Framework Programme for Science in Society – Policy RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe (RECODE). Her current research interests are focused on the effect of political interference, censorship, violence and impunity on journalistic practice in post-communist countries.


Lada teaches on the following modules:


  • JNL108 Introducing Global Journalism
  • JNL113 Introduction to Journalism Studies
  • JNL114 Ethical Issues in Journalism
  • JNL323 Research Methods


For the last two years Lada has supervised a number of students studying for MA Global Journalism and MA International Political Communication.