Leon LockleyLeon Lockley

Broadcast journalism tutor

Leon Lockley is a freelance director of photography, lighting camera technician and editor. Having worked as a clapper loader, focus puller, spark and gaffer, he has a wealth of experience on set. His high-profile shoots include Channel 4 and BBC TV work and film credits including Jelly Dolly, Dead Man's Shoes, Murder On The Orient Express, Mr Bojagi and many other short films.

Leon has had a varied career working with a range of clients: from major pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline to education institutions and councils, as well as commercial clients and musicians such as Richard Hawley, 65DaysOfStatic and Roni Size. In his role as a dementia advocate, Leon has helped to build awareness of the condition by working on documentary films and events.

As an editor Leon was originally trained in Avid but now primarily uses Final Cut Pro 6/7 and X and related Apple software, hardware and many core OSX applications.

Leon also has experience in sound recording and audio editing and is a keen photographer and musician. In the past he has also worked as a tutor with children and students of varying ages, teaching basic camera and editing skills.