Petar MilinDr Petar Milin

Senior Lecturer in Data Science
Director of research

Tel: (+44)(0)114 222 2491
Twitter: @PetarMilin

Room 207


Petar joined the Department of Journalism Studies in July 2016 from the University of Tübingen, Germany. His primary research interests are concentrated in areas concerned with understanding how humans process language. Petar has been particularly active in investigating word or lexical processing, though recent work extends this focus to the study of sentence processing and meaning as it is expressed in natural communication. Methodologically, his work combines established experimental approaches with robust statistical and computational modelling techniques.

In January 2013 he joined the Quantitative Linguistics group at Tübingen, where his collaborations focused mainly on the study of language processing. The research he conducted in Tübingen included experiments that recorded eye movements of readers, as well as the computational modelling of lexical processing. The modelling work used and also contributed to developing the 'naive discriminative learning' model, based on the discriminative learning equations of Rescorla and Wagner.

Petar has a range of secondary research interests that relate to understanding probabilistic phenomena in language. These include problems that arise in characterising text quantification, stylometry and authorship, vocabulary richness and similar issues.

Concise summary of research interests

  • lexical processing
  • online sentence processing
  • computational modelling of language processing
  • lexical statistics

Petar's publications