Research Facilities

The Kroto Research Institute is a major UK research facility for engineering science at the interfaces between Molecular Science, Engineering Application and Social Impact. World-class researchers, laboratory facilities and advanced instrumentation align with three broad interdisciplinary themes within the institute. These are
• Biomedical Engineering with Translational Medicine
• Energy storage
• Imaging and Microscopy from Molecules to Manufacturing
Research cohesion across the 3 themes is provided by shared, world-class imaging and analytical instrumentation in Advanced Electron Microscopy, X-Ray and Vibrational Spectroscopy and Confocal Microscopy in addition to a Virtual Reality facility.

Kroto Centre for High Resolution Imaging and Analysis

The Kroto Centre for High Resolution Imaging and Analysis is an advanced aberration corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscope (TEM/STEM) facility set up for research at the forefront of world-leading resolution.

The instrument provides 0.05nm (0.5Å) spatial resolution for materials analysis as well as single atom imaging and spectroscopy capability.

Sheffield Surface Analysis Centre (SSAC)

The SSAC provides access to state of the art surface analysis instrumentation for both commercial and academic research.

In addition to our Axis Ultra DLD (XPS) and TOF.SIMS5, we have facilities for carrying out atomic force microscopy (AFM), spectroscopic ellipsometry and contact angle goniometry.

Sorby Nano Investigation Centre

Delivering advanced microscopy analysis and expertise to commercial and research organisations. Provides:

•Optical & electron microscopy services & expertise
•Cost effective & tailor made solutions to your individual requirements
•High quality results & positive recommendations
•A dedicated team to work with you
•Improved efficiency & product quality

Kroto Research Institute Confocal and Two-Photon Imaging Facility

This facility is part of the instrumentation available for Imaging and Analysis within the Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering