Medria Shekar Rani

Department of Landscape Architecture

PhD Student


When I was conducting my masters, I got some opportunities to become a teaching assistant and got involved in some research activities in Institut Teknologi Bandung. This inspired me to work as a lecturer at the university and to pursue a PhD in landscape architecture.

My completed master thesis assessed the design and planning of Taman Hutan Raya (THR) Ir. H. Djuanda as a protected area in Bandung Basin, West Java province, Indonesia, which links ecotourism activities with the protection of ecological structures and processes. THR Ir. H. Djuanda is located in the northern part of Bandung Basin, as part of Ci Kapundung water catchment area. The protection of ecological processes in the water catchment area can support ecosystem services, such as flood regulation.

Natural landscape fragmentation within water catchment areas derived from high demand for new settlement and land for agriculture in Bandung Basin has resulted in the degradation of regulating services, which affect the occurrence of floods every year.

Although the problem is prominent, only a few studies have been conducted that evaluate the effect of landscape composition and configuration on the sustainability of ecosystem services in Indonesia.

The PhD research in landscape structure and ecosystem services in Bandung Basin is conducted to investigate potential landscape structure scenarios within and around protected areas forming part of two water catchment areas.

Scenario impacts on flood regulation will be assessed using models and plant communities that can improve flood regulation in each case study will be determined.

It is expected that the findings of this research can contribute to landscape ecology research in identifying how a specific landscape design could sustain ecosystem services at the landscape scale, and how the rate of services changes with different settings and scales of landscape.

During my PhD studies in the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield, I have had an opportunity to participate in a workshop on water and sanitation in New Delhi, India in December 2016.

The workshop focused on the water provision and sanitation problems in India, which also become common problems in other developing countries including Indonesia. I also had a chance to attend DHI UK & Ireland symposiums in June 2016 and 2017 to learn the application of hydrology modelling in various case studies.

  • 2003 – 2008, ST /Bachelor in Architecture, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  • 2009 – 2012, MT /Master in Landscape Architecture, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Research interests

Thesis Title: Landscape structure and ecosystem services sustainability: Landscape Model Analysis of the Design and Planning of Protected Areas in Bandung Basin. 

Date started PhD and proposed submission date: 2015-2018

Other interests:

  • Landscape planning
  • ecological design
  • landscape change and hydrological modelling
  • landscape plants and ecosystem services
Research group