"Research is at the heart of what we do. It shapes our practice and informs our teaching."

Dr Anna Jorgensen, Director of Research

We are the top rated Landscape Architecture Department in the UK according to the Government's 2014 Research Excellence Framework. Our work influences practice and shapes the environment.

Improving design through understanding diversity

New research by Dr Clare Rishbeth, with PhD students Farnaz Ganji and Goran Vodicka, investigates how understanding the social dynamics of public outdoor space, in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, can help inform urban design practice.

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Planting for pollinators

How can landscape practitioners best support UK native pollinating insects in urban landscapes? Research by Professor James Hitchmough, Jack Brodie and Michael Livingstone sheds some light.

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How do parks and green spaces improve health and wellbeing?

The Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature (IWUN) project aims to understand how people across Sheffield use local parks and how the quality and quantity of available green space impacts their health.

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Designed ecology

Redefining the relationship between nature and culture in urban areas, whilst producing innovative planting schemes and technologies for urban greening

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Designed Ecology
Place, Inclusion and Equity

Place, inclusion and equity

Shaping culturally and socially inclusive places and understanding the health and wellbeing impacts of landscape through the life course

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Creative spatial practices

Leading artistic and technological innovation in landscape practice for inspired human dwelling and ecological health and using digital technologies for the visualization of historic and future landscapes

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Credits: Elyse Kavanagh, Future Delta 2, CALP at UBC, UBC Okanagan and Olaf Schroth