Knowledge Exchange


The Department has strong links with the Landscape industry and government agencies. Many of our students work for a year in practice during the course of their studies. The Department also conducts research and consultancy for a range of clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors. We are able to work with commercial partners to develop innovative solutions through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP). We also undertake a variety of work with community-based organizations.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

If you wish to explore the potential for an innovative product or service, there are opportunities to enter into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the Department. This involves a researcher working with both employer and University for a number of years. It entails a financial contribution from the employer, but there is also generous government assistance.

For initial information, please contact Jeff Sorrill

Consultancy and Contract Research

The Department undertakes research for a wide range of clients. These have included Defra, CABE Space, Natural England, Countryside Council for Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage, national parks and local authorities.

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Collaborative Research Studentships

If you are an organisation that needs to undertake more fundamental research, you may be interested in supporting a PhD student through one of the Research Councils┬┤ `collaborative┬┤ studentship schemes. These require a small financial contribution from the industrial partner, but can be a good way of exploring more fundamental topics.

Please contact Jan Woudstra for further details.