current PhD students

Current Research Students

Please contact Ross Cameron for details.

Year One

Name Email Country
Francesca Boyd UK
Mingyu Jiang China
Wenyun Liu China
Yuanyuan Shi China
Harry Watkins UK
Junyi Zhao China

Year Two

Name Email Country
Camilla Allen UK
Sarah Baharudin Malaysia
Muhamad Bin Rosley Malaysia
Wan Azlina Binti Wan Ismail Malaysia
Lauriane Suyin Chalmin Pui France
Eun Yeong Choe Korea
Linyan Dai China
Veronica Love Italy
Medria Rani Indonesia
Pai Tang China

Year Three

Name Email Country
Siti Nur Hannah Ismail Malaysia
Adrien Lhomme-Duchadeuil France
Baiyun Li China
James Simpson UK
Goran Vodicka Croatia
Youmei Zhou China

Writing Up

Name Email Country
Khalid Al Farsi Oman
Wafa Al Madani Bahrain
Farnaz Ganji Iran
Maryam Mani Iran
Masha Mohajer Iran
Jinvo Nam Korea
Laurence Pattacini Laurence
Youcao Ren China
Nurfadilah Saadul Kurzi Malaysia


Name Email Country
Emma Lewis UK
Michael Livingstone (Part-time) UK
Josepha Richard (Part-time) France
Marian Tylecote UK
Kaeren Van Vliet (Part-time) UK


Successful Completions Since 2008

Name Thesis Title Date Completed
Dr. M Choi My thesis title is Investigation of the potential of calcareous grassland vegetation for green roof application in the UK December 2012
Dr. FM Stirling Grave Re-use: A Feasibility Study December 2009
Dr. PJ Green Perception of quality amongst users and managers of public parks September 2009
Dr. J Greenway Urban gardens and sustainable cities: Explaining the behaviors that make a difference June 2010
Dr. F Gao Role of hemiparasites in the development of the naturalistic herbaceous vegetation April 2010
Dr. J Hafezian Razavi Perception of residents of Tehran towards the use  of meadows in urban parks September 2010
Dr. NH Mohd Hashim Factors affecting tree retention in developing sites in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia December 2011
Dr. S Dobson Evaluating historic landscape charachterisation in Practice: An action research approach August 2010

Dr. NGEAHH Mahmoud

Green Infrastructure in a Middle Eastern Environment: Promoting Social-Ecological Connectivity in Greater Cairo October 2011
Dr. MR Mohd Nasir A Study of the Kelantan Malay Cultural Landscape: Recent Trends and Future Prospect February 2012
Dr. A Bahramian Fractal Geometry in Landscape Architecture: the development of a new conceptual framework for urban park design September 2010
Dr. K Li ‘Landscape improvement and Scenic Sites in pre-modern China: a critical review’ November 2009
Dr. L Gao ‘Breaking and repairing’: Conflicting values in the historic gardens of China’ September 2010
Dr. C Martinez Velarde ‘Landscape-led approaches for the regeneration of low-income housing: A cross cultural assessment of social and ecological sustainability’ November 2010
Dr. Sally O' Halloran 'The Servicable Ghost - The forgotten role of
the garden in England from 1630 to 1730'
September 2012
Dr. Vivienne Rose Parrott ‘Moon, magic and Elysium: A study of the design of Uraniborg, the observatory and home of Tycho Brahe on the island of Hven, Denmark (1576-1597)’ September 2008
Dr. Sang Jung Yoon ‘History and conservation of gardens in Korea' September 2009
Dr. Jijun Zhao ‘Thirty years of landscape design in China (1949-1979): The era of Mao Zedong’ September 2008