current PhD students

Current Research Students

Our PhD students are investigating topics that span the breadth of our three major research clusters.
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Name Research Topic Supervisor
Nadine Abdul Hay Ethnic and social commonalities developed within the socio-spatial relations between people and their built environment Dr Clare Rishbeth
Camilla Allen Radical Roots: the means and methods of Richard St. Barbe Baker, Man of the Trees Dr Jan Woudstra
Anna Andreeva Planting in landscapes "above structure" which include roof gardens, roof terraces and green roofs Professor Nigel Dunnett
Sarah Baharudin Identifying plants useful as naturalistic planting in a tropical context Professor James Hitchmough, Professor Anna Jorgensen
Muhamad Bin Rosley Professor Eckart Lange, Dr kevin Thwaites
Wan Azlina Binti Wan Ismail
Francesca Boyd The Role of Natural Environments in Green Care Prescriptions Professor Anna Jorgensen
Lauriane Suyin Chalmin Pui How do front garden landscapes influence health and well-being? Dr Ross Cameron
Kewei Chen Public attitudes towards naturalistic planting design in China Professor James Hitchmough, Professor Anna Jorgensen
Qi Chen Perception towards VR landscape visualisation Professor Eckart Lange
Linyan Dai Social Cohesion in Rapidly Urbanizing Peri-urban Neighbourhoods: an Examination of Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China Dr Nicola Dempsey, Helen Woolley
Aimee Felstead Urban Commons: Socially restorative urbanism through the collective action of place-keeping Dr Kevin Thwaites, Dr Nicola Dempsey
Hala Ghanem Landscape and its role in rehabilitating refugees Dr Clare Rishbeth
Yichao He The extent and nature of landscape planning and design practice in China in relation to health and wellbeing Professor Anna Jorgensen
Siti Nur Hannah Ismail Rainfall interception and retention by different vegetation covers under simulated rainfall Dr Ross Cameron
Mingyu Jiang What are the grass biomass thresholds for forb (native to the UK and Inner Mongolia, and Inner Mongolia only) survival in designed meadows? Professor James Hitchmough
Baiyun Li Climate-change adaptation for urban landscapes: designed steppe meadows for urban podium landscapes, roof gardens and other dry situations Professor Nigel Dunnet, Dr Nicola Dempsey
Wenyun Liu Rural / urban backgrounds affecting children's attitudes to play Helen Woolley
Michael Livingstone New plantings - amenity landscapes Professor James Hitchmough, Dr Ross Cameron, Professor Nigel Dunnett
Adrien Lhomme-Duchadeuil
Veronica Love Shrubs and their role in modifying green roof microclimate Dr Ross Cameron, Andy Clayden
Laurence Pattacini Urban River Corridors in Former Industrial Cities in Europe: Towards Sustainable Regeneration Strategies Dr Kevin Thwaites
Medria Rani Landscape structure and ecosystem services sustainability: Landscape Model Analysis of the Design and Planning of Protected Areas in Bandung Basin Professor Eckart Lange, Dr Ross Cameron
Maria del Carmen Redondo Bermudez BREATHE: A feasibility study of green barriers to air pollution mitigation in school playgrounds Professor Anna Jorgensen
Jake Robinson Green prescriptions as a cost-effective way to improve patients’ mental and physical health Professor Anna Jorgensen, Dr Ross Cameron
Yuanyuan Shi Children's play areas Helen Woolley, Dr Nicola Dempsey
Hildy Steinacker Restoration in the urban environment: informing design guidelines for small urban green spaces Professor Anna Jorgesen
Pai Tang Children's play-scapes Helen Woolley, Dr Kevin Thwaites
Harry Watkins Enhanced quality and performance street trees, using Magnolia as an exemplar Professor James Hitchmough
Xiaozhi Yang Garden design in relation to the historic gardens of 2-3 families in Wuxi, China
Eun Yeong Choe Investigating the relationship between mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and the setting in which it is carried out Professor Anna Jorgensen
Yuting Yin Restorative potential of well designed streetscapes Dr Kevin Thwaites
Junyi Zhao Irrigation systems for green walls Dr Ross Cameron
Youmei Zhou Post industrial urban design and planning Dr Kevin Thwaites, Helen Woolley