Course Details

Course Details

The undergraduate landscape courses at Sheffield are unique combining a training in Landscape Architecture with an opportunity to choose specialist modules in Ecology or Planning in your second and third year. The Department in conjunction with the School of Architecture also offers the only fully accredited dual degree in Architecture and Landscape. This is the only course in the country that integrates these two disciplines.

Course Structure

The undergraduate courses are `Integrated Masters´ programmes, in which students spend 3 years studying Landscape Architecture to gain a BA(Hons) or BSc(Hons) degree. If you decide to continue your training in Landscape Architecture you will work in a Landscape practice for your fourth year before returning for the 5th year MLA course. This also gives Licentiate status, or license-holder, at the Landscape Institute.

Single honours courses

BA/BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture Students who apply for the BA (Hons) will specialize in Planning modules in years 2 and 3. Those students who choose to apply for the BSc (Hons) will specialize in Ecology modules in years 2 and 3. (Both courses are Landscape Institute Accredited when taken in conjunction with MLA)

Important Note: If you are applying for one of these courses you must state to your local authority/Student Loan Company that you are applying for the entire professional course from the outset (3 year BA/BSc, Year In Practice, MLA)

Dual honours courses

BA (Hons) Architecture and Landscape (Landscape Institute Accredited when taken in conjunction with MLA) (Home department: Architecture).

BA/BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture

Accredited by the Landscape Institute

This course aims to educate Landscape Architects who combine design skills with a sound understanding of urban design theory, planning and practice. If you enjoy subjects such as geography, politics, economics or history you will appreciate the scope and challenge of this course in addressing issues which examine the role of the environment in meeting the changing needs of individuals and societies. Students completing this course are in a strong position to appreciate the planning context in which design takes place and the wider implications of their landscape design proposals.

BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture

Accredited by the Landscape Institute

This course aims to educate Landscape Architects who have a more in-depth understanding of ecology and habitat creation. If you enjoy subjects related to biology or environmental sciences, or have a keen interest in the natural world, this course will equip you to combine a more detailed appreciation of ecological processes and how they work within the designed landscape. Through their specialist training in ecology graduates are able to assist in the restoration of degraded environments and also to understand the wider implications of design proposals on existing habitats.

UCAS codes:

  • BA - K3K4
  • BSc - KC39

All students registering for the BA or BSc Landscape Architecture will be taught together for all their modules in the first year and first semester of the second year. In the second and third year there will be 60 credits of specialist modules in either planning or ecology. All other modules will be taught jointly across the year group.

Full Course Details

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BA Architecture and Landscape

Architecture and Landscape
UCAS code: KK13

This dual course explores ways in which architecture and landscape complement each other, with particular interests in developing sustainable solutions that respect the environment. Studio based learning in both the School of Architecture and Department of Landscape will be supported by other taught courses that draw on the exceptional research bases of both departments.

Architecture is the home department for this course, further details of which can be found here.

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

The MLA is the final year of our integrated undergraduate programme. It is also available to graduates of other universities who hold a good honours degree in a subject which has been accredited by the Landscape Institute, and who have completed at least a year of relevant professional experience.

Course Content: Approaching Landscape Research; Professional Practice, Law and Contracts; Special Project; One of: Urban Landscape Planning; Landscape Design and Art Practice, Management and Maintenance Techniques; One of: Rural Landscape Planning, Urban Design Project, Landscape Management.

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