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This landscape glossary has emerged as a Knowledge Transfer Project at the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield. As the Department has increased in size and reputation the number of applicants from other nations has increased also. The largest single group of foreign students are currently those from China. In order to help these students and the staff overcome some of their language difficulties the idea of a landscape glossary as a reference tool for students, which explained words and terminologies, emerged. Many of the words are specific to the profession, are not in common usage and therefore require further interpretation.

The project was conceived as a Knowledge Transfer Project of the Department together with Weddle Landscape Design, a Sheffield based landscape practice with an international portfolio. China is a significant market for them and they employ a number of Chinese landscape architects, which are graduates from the University of Sheffield. This project was of interest to them in order to strengthen links with the Department of Landscape and fortifying skills sets of graduates they may employ in the future.


The glossary emerged through the involvement of staff and students in the Department. Initially staff were all asked for specific terms within their particular interest spheres. These were collated and additional words were gathered from a range of reference sources. A shorter final list was then produced by Laurence Pattacini, who also provided the definitions for many of the key terms, organizing these in two lists; one where a translation was thought to be sufficient to explain the term, and two, one with a fuller explanation for clarification. These two lists were then translated by Wei Deng and Lu Zhong at Weddle Landscape Design. Having been returned a final edit of the both the English definitions and their Chinese translations was carried out by Lei Gao, a PhD candidate at the Department. She also provided illustrations to exemplify and enliven the text. Mike Browell, principal, coordinated efforts at Weddle Landscape Design; Jeff Sorrill smoothened general communication throughout the project, which was supervised by Jan Woudstra.

The glossary as produced here is by no means a final product, and it is hoped and expected that texts will be both refined and updated. Further illustrations will be welcomed also, it thus becoming an interactive resource. A discussion room has been created here for both gaps in the existing glossary and as a means of collecting feedback on existing definitions and their translations. It is intended that the glossary will updated regularly incorporating these comments, and ultimately a printed version is envisaged. Any correspondence about this glossary may be directly to

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这项计划作为"知识传递计划"的一部分,由我系和Weddle景观设计公司(Weddle Landscape Design:一个位于谢菲尔德、承担国际业务的景观设计公司)共同完成。中国是Weddle的一个重要市场,Weddle有一批来自中国、也是谢菲尔德大学毕业的景观设计师。Weddle对于这项计划的兴趣在于:既可藉此加强与景观学系的联系,也有助于帮助毕业生—也许就是他们将来的成员—提高水平。


这份术语表源自系里师生的共同参与。最初,系里的老师提供了他们各自感兴趣领域的专门词汇,这些词汇被汇拢起来,并加入另外一些从参考资料中收集的相关词汇,之后Laurence Pattacini制作了一份最终列表。另外,她还为重点词汇作了定义,由此整理出两份列表:第一份是英汉术语对照表,词义可以由字面意思表达;第二份则有详细的解释以帮助澄清概念。接下来Weddle景观设计公司的邓位和钟璐将这两份表翻译成中文。之后,在景观学系就读博士学位的高磊对中英文作了校正,并配画插图,既为举例之便,也使文字更加生动。Weddle景观设计公司的总裁Mike Browell推动项目在公司内的进行。Jeff Sorrill在整个项目进程中协调与沟通各方。全项目由Jan Woudstra指导完成。


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